Will robots steal our jobs from us …. And our hearts also? This is the question that  we intend to answer in Innsane, an event of collaborative ideation in which the public does not come to listen to the experts, but to work with them.

Innsane is an event of public ideation, in which collaboration will be the way to solve a challenge that, sooner or later, humans will have to face. What will humans do when machines are able to do our work? Will what sci-fi films and books predicted come true? Will the robots have to be listed on Social Security?

What a decade ago seemed impossible, today is a reality with which we live day by day. Technological advances keep running at a crazy pace, and from these advances have emerged new jobs that will guide the future of human race. Tomorrow may well give us a high unemployment rate for the population without higher education, without high positions, without the best technological training. And all this raises new questions: what will be of Humanities, Literature or Journalism? And not only that. Robotics experts like Hiroshi Ishiguro conclude that, within a few years, we can barely distinguish a robot from a human being. Social relations will change and the world as we know it will be completely different.

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Innsane, Battle of ideas vol.1 is the first edition of an event that seeks to respond to social challenges related to technology. This very first time the matter to solve is focused on future technological unemployment and for this we will have eight experts in such opposing fields as Robotics, Arts&crafs, Law, Technological Development and even a Sci-Fi Writer that, together with a facilitator from Innsite, will guide a session of ideation In the big, in which the ideas of the public will be the protagonists.

The methodology we will use at this first Innsane is the one we use at Innsite to help our clients with their challenges: Synectics, a US-born methodology in the 1960s. With more than fifty years of experience, the international network of Synectics has helped innovate leading companies worldwide. This first edition of Innsane will be an example of this methodology!

Innsane is taking place on Tuesday, February 14th at 9:30 at Innsite, Innovation Center by Altran (Calle Campezo, 1. Edif. 9. Madrid)

For more information: cristina.reglero@altran.com or sheila.lopez@altran.com

For tickets and extra information, click here: http://www.innsite.es/innsane-battle-of-ideas/


Cristina Reglero

Cristina Reglero

Innovation HUB Manager para el Altran Innovation HUB. Cristina cuenta con amplia experiencia en los ámbitos de Publicidad, Marketing y Comunicación. Inició su andadura profesional en la multinacional de servicios publicitarios McCann-Erickson para, en los siguientes 10 años, pasar a formar parte de los equipos de otras agencias estratégicas y creativas como SCPF o Dommo, desarrollando estrategias de comunicación y marketing para BMW, MINI, Nokia, Universal Music, Grupo Pascual, Vodafone o Viceroy. Su posterior experiencia como Responsable de Marketing y Contenidos Digitales en Pueblo Inglés-Diverbo, reconocida empresa del sector formativo, contribuyó a ampliar sus conocimientos y expertise en la creación y explotación de contenidos y gestión de comunidades online. Como Innovation HUB Manager de Innsite tiene el reto de desarrollar el plan de explotación y comunicación del Altran Innovation Center que ayude a convertirlo en un espacio de encuentro y trabajo para nuestros clientes, start-ups interesantes y gente con talento.

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